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Immortalizing Memories one Image at a Time

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On a Budget

This is our most popular package as weddings can be costly. With this fancy bundle, you'll get all the glamorous pictures that can be taken from the moment you step into your wedding hall till the last person dances on the floor or you cry out "Enough Paparazzi! Go Away!!"

You will receive all your pics as is, without editing. Average 1-1.5K photos.

I'm Feeling Good

If you feel you can invest a little more on your big day and want to track every movement you make from the moment you get up from your beauty sleep and managed to get breakfast, this is for you.

We'll take that stroll along the park and take those romantic poses you wish you had during your courtship and immortalise the love and romance you felt while dating while using the artistic liberties of the craft.

You will received all pictures taken without editing. 1.5-2K photos.

This is The Night

Rather cut that extra gift for the guests and splurge yourself? This is YOUR night after all! This package includes "I'm feeling Good" options, plus you may choose several additions at an extra cost:
* Editing 50 to 100 of your best photos.
* Various Wedding Album Options
* Second Photographer.

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